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SRSL India: Integrated sugar mills in India list

Integrated Sugar Mills
The Company operates seven sugar mills in India located in the states of Karnataka and Maharashtra. The mills are integrated to the fullest to process sugarcane, produce sugar and its by-products ethanol, power and organic manures.

       1. Units in Karnataka: Munoli, Athani, Havalga, Gokak, Raibag
       2. Units in Maharashtra: Ratnaprabha, Panchaganga

Sugar mills at Raibag and Panchganga are operated on lease by SRSL.

SRSL: Sugar mill in India
SRSL also operates cogeneration plants of Panchaganga, Ajinkyatara & Arag on BOOT basis.

The mills have a total crushing capacity of 7.1 MTPA or 35,000 TCD and produces high quality sugar which is mostly sold to food and beverage industry. Indian distillery capacity stands at 930 KLPD and it manufactures fuel grade ethanol which is sold to Oil Manufacturing Companies along with Chemical industry. Power plants in India generate 242 MW of power of which 135 MW is exportable and mainly sold to open access grids.
In India, ethanol is consumed primarily by portable alcohol industry, Oil marketing companies (for blending with petrol) and chemical industries.
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