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SRSL India: KBK Chem Engineering Pvt Ltd

KBK Chem-Engineering Private Ltd.
KBK Chem-Engineering Private Ltd is a 100% subsidiary company of Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd based in Pune. It has acquired a well-deserved reputation for providing optimal solutions for Fermentation & Distillation industries, having its presence in countries of Asia, South-East Asia & Africa. Well engineered, innovative and effective EPC plant solutions are our hallmark.
KBK Chem Engineering working plant
KBK is an Indian Company providing its one of kind services across the Globe. KBK’s has installed plants in last five years in record time & 7 projects under execution.
KBKs success in building EPC Plants in three continents has led KBK to undertake mega-projects that contribute handsomely to the world's Ethanol and Distillery Industry. Discerning clients have chosen KBK products after thorough global market-searches and the "K-SUPER" & K-M@S technology advantage has won KBK accolades from time to time.
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