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Madhur Sugar - Retail Brand in India

Madhur, launched in 2007 is the well-established retail brand from the Shree Renuka Sugars stable.

At Madhur we strive to create products that are pure, hygienic and meet international standards. Special care is taken during cultivation, harvesting and onward processing and the Company’s advanced sulphur free manufacturing technology and mechanised processes guarantee the purity of the sugar, while giving the sugar crystals its optimum size.
Madhur Advantages:
Natural Sweetness
Made from superior quality sugarcane
Special care being taken from selection of seeds to cultivation and harvesting
Sulphur Free Processing
Stringent quality control
Ensures that sugar is absolutely pure and healthy for consumption
Consistent Quality
Madhur crystals are refined Grade 1, sparkling white and moisture free
This makes it easy to dissolve
Advanced Production Technology
Sugar manufactured, packed, stored and shipped in a state-of-the-art refinery complying with International Standards
Untouched by hand and is free from impurities
Madhur has emerged as the fastest growing brand in the sugar category with a CAGR of 46% within 5 years of its launch. Madhur has a significant presence in local kirana stores in Karnataka, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan and it also finds a place of pride on the shelves of leading food malls and food chains.

With the promise of premium quality, purity and hygiene, Madhur is one of the fastest growing sugar brands in the country enjoying leadership status. Looking at the increasing popularity of Madhur, plans are on the anvil to extend its retail presence pan-India.
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