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UFR 30.06.2022 Publication 11-August-2022
Press Release on the Unaudited Financial Results 30-June-2022
Postal Ballot Notice Publication 31-May-2022
AFR 31.03.2022 Publication 26-May-2022
Postal Ballot Notice Publication 23-February-2022
Loss of share certificates 18.02.2022
Press Release on the Unaudited Financial Results 14-February-2022
UFR 31.12.2021 Publication 13-February-2021
UFR 30.09.2021 Publication 30-October-2021
Chairman's Speech 2021 Publication 3-September-2021
AGM Post-dispatch Notice Publication 12-August-2021
AGM Pre-dispatch Notice Publication 09-August-2021
UFR 30.06.2021 Publication 04-August-2021
AFR 31.03.2021 Publication 27-June-2021
Postal Ballot Notice Publication 20-March-2021
UFR 31.12.2020 Publication 11-February-2021
Board Meeting Notice Publication 23-January-2021
Postal Ballot Notice Publication 10-January-2021
UFR 30.09.2020 Publication 11-November-2020
Board Meeting Notice Publication 30-October-2020
UFR 30.06.2020 Publication 02 & 03-September-2020
Corrigendum to the Notice of 24th AGM Publication 26-August-2020
Corrigendum to the Notice of 24th AGM Publication 25-August-2020
Board Meeting Notice Publication 20-August-2020
AGM Dispatch Publication 17-August-2020
AGM Intimation Publication 14-August-2020
IEPF Notice Publication 12-August-2020
AFR Publication 09-July-2020
EGM Newspaper Publication 21-June-2020
Board of Directors meeting publication 30-January-2020
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