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Bhumadur Organic Manure
Manufacturing of Bhumadur organic manure is based on principles of soil to soil that is whatever nutrients taken by cane crop from soil, some part of it along with organic matter are being added back to soil.

Bhumadur is an organic manure produced out of sugarcanepressmud and distillery spent wash and is rich in organic matter, macro, micro nutrients and beneficial microorganisms.

It is a 100% natural product that enriches the soil fertility and useful for all soil types and crops which includes field crops, Fruits, vegetables, plantation crops ,kitchen gardens and lawns etc.

Bhumadur organic manure is manufactured in our Munoli, Athani and Havalga units.

Most important constituent of Bhumadur is HUMUS i.e. organic matter which improves Biological, Physical and chemical properties.

Benefits of applying Bhumadur to soil:

Bhumadur is good for all crops, all types of soils and beneficial in all seasons.
Its Humus faction improves soil physical conditions.
It increases the Water holding capacity of the soil thereby providing protection to the crops against drought.
Bhumadur adds all essential nutrients to the soil thus reducing dependence on fertilizers, which involves greater energy or expenses.
The Humic substance in Bhumadur helps in development of plant roots and this in turn helps plants in drawing water as well as nutrients from the soil.
Humus enhances the utilization of nutrients by plants and helps in reducing leaching losses by promoting greater water retention.
Bhumadur provides plants with micronutrients in sufficient quantities.
Bhumadur contains a very large population of useful bacteria, actinomycetes and fungi. Through them not only millions of microorganisms are added, but also those already present in the soil are stimulated by fresh supply of humic material.
The application of Bhumadur helps the microorganisms to produce polysaccharides, which build up better soil structure and helps to improve soil aeration and drainage and therefore provide better environment for root development and functions.
It also reduces the toxic effect of pesticides and harmful salts by chelation
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