Green Energy

As one of the largest green bio-energy producers in India, we believe in contributing to India’s Energy Security in a sustainable way, paving way for a greener and cleaner future.
Renuka’s Green energy business comprises Ethanol (for blending into Petrol) and Electricity production. Renuka is one of the largest contributors to the Govt of India’s Ethanol Blending Program – and with the recent almost doubling of Ethanol production capacities from 720 Kiloleters per day to an impressive 1250 Kilo Litres per day, Renuka’s contribution is slated to go even higher. Further, with innovative techniques, capacity utilisations in excess of 100% are achieved, boosting the energy security of the country.

For captive consumption, we use a large proportion of electricity generated by our cogeneration units. Over 75% of electricity generated is renewable energy, resulting in a significant reduction in GHG emissions.
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501 MN KwH of Green Energy Produced 196 Million Litres of Ethanol Produced, one of the largest contributions to the Government’s Ethanol Blending Program


Whether produced directly from cane juice or derived from molasses, our distilleries play a vital role in generating ethanol. Our commitment to quality is reflected in the three grades of Ethanol we produce at our distilleries: 1) Absolute Alcohol (AA) or Ethanol for fuel blending, 2) Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA) and 3) Rectified Spirit (RS).

Renuka supplies various grades of Ethanol to the below three customer groups:

In line with the government’s goal of advanced development of ethanol production and use in blended fuels, Renuka’s Ethanol capacity has been expanded from 720 KLPD to 1250 KLPD.

Oil marketing industry (to blend with petrol)

Potable alcohol industry

Chemical industries


Renuka produces most of its power from Bagasse, a byproduct of sugarcane. This is renewable energy that provides a significant reduction to greenhouse gas emissions. This renewable energy is used for consumption in our distilleries and mills and surplus electricity is sold through the state grids in India.

In 2023, the Company’s Power Generation was at 618 Million Kwh. of which the Company exported 257 Million Kwh to the Grid

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