A staple in every Indian household, sugar is an integral part of our culture that merits being present on every occasion. Celebrations are incomplete without indulging in sweet treats, and sugar as well as many sweets have also been considered auspicious.
Sugar is derived from Sugarcane, growing in the vast farmlands in the North, West and South of India. Renuka operates 8 sugar mills in the sugarcane-rich belts of Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka. The sugarcane is crushed to extract the juice, which is refined into pure crystals of sugar. This sugar not only fulfils India’s domestic demand but is also, on occasions, exported to several other countries across the globe.
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Renuka’s business in Sugar chiefly comprises its Consumer Pack division, the sugar refining and exports business as well as the institution sales division.

Consumer Pack Division (Madhur Pure & Hygienic Sugar)

Launched in 2007, Madhur Pure & Hygienic Sugar is India’s largest selling packed sugar brand.
Madhur Sugar has always focused on bringing the best quality sweetness to the plates of its consumers, by offering the unique ‘5S’ philosophy.




Samaan Mithaas

Sulphur-free Process

Safe, by using the most advanced technology to ensure that the plant-to-kitchen process is untouched by hand.

A market-leader with over 33% Market Share in the packed Sugar segment, Madhur Sugar’s family of happy consumers is growing at over 20% CAGR since 2018-19.

Our Advanced Production Technology and sulphur-free refining process ensures consistent quality of sugar which is sparkly white, moisture-free and easy to dissolve.

Manufactured, packed, stored & shipped in a state-of-the-art refinery that complies with International standards, we ensure that every crystal is untouched by hand.

Sugar Refining & Exports

Renuka is one of the largest exporter of refined sugar from India. Over 1.38 Mn MT of raw sugar is handled at our state-of-art refineries. Upon refining, the pristine white refined sugar is further exported to the international markets like the Middle East, North and Eastern Africa, etc.

Cost-efficient operations due to the strategic port-based location, massive refining operations and relentless focus on quality have made Renuka a preferred supplier to the world.

From time to time, Renuka has helped the Indian Government’s efforts to manage the domestic Sugar inventories by exporting any excess sugar.


Within India, Renuka also supplies its sugar to large national and multinational companies manufacturing beverages, biscuits & snacks and confectionaries. Recently, it has also been empanelled at the Army Purchase Organisation, and has started catering to its requirements.

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